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Do You Feel Stuck in Survival Mode?


I know how you feel.  

You feel overwhelmed, stuck, drained, disorganized and lonely.

You feel guilty even thinking of taking more time for yourself.

Bogged down by the long days that lead to long nights?

Frustration mounting from having no energy at the end of the day?

It's exhausting coming home to undone chores, dinner, and paying bills.

You feel like you have failed your kids.

You're not able to juggle all of the demands of being a Mom.

 You feel isolated...thinking..."who really understands me?"

That was me after my divorce in 2012. 

I was thrown into single parenting and quickly discovered there is no manual.

Shortly after my divorce, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

The surmounting debt started piling up.

It was incredibly difficult to maintain composure when texting or speaking to my ex.

I was recovering mentally from incredible negativity and struggled with shame and guilt.

I felt I wasn't living up to my role as Mommy, let alone being fully present at work and with my friends and family.


I thought, "NO MORE!  I want to get my shit together."

No woman should have to experience ongoing emotional pain that blocks their happiness and joy. 

I couldn't stand the judgement I placed on myself, let alone anyone else around me.

It was time for a major shift. 


I wanted a soulful and loving romantic relationship.

I wanted a balanced work and home life.

I craved complete health and wellness.

I wanted to prioritize socializing with my friends and spending time with my daughter and still have time and energy for workouts, making healthy meals and completing household chores.

I wanted to feel confident and eliminate shame and guilt of wanting to work on myself.

The healing began.

I started working with a functional medicine doctor and regaining total health. 

I explored and healed traumas and deep internal wounds with my therapist in EMDR.

I started putting myself first in every way.

I started setting boundaries with toxic family members.

I was mindful and productive at work.

I was present and felt joy and fulfillment in my relationships.

I opened myself up to love and dating and learned so many lessons.

I started manifesting thousands of dollars.

In just a few years, I had transformed to the best version of myself I've ever experienced.



I discovered I was destined to guide moms to stop the struggle and to stop surviving...

to have meaningful and positive relationships with their kiddos...

to feel organized at work and financially free...

to set great boundaries in all areas...

to feel empowered to spend time on themselves...

and to have fulfilling, soulful friendships and intimate relationships.


I developed my Illuminate Blueprint after 16 years in my Psychotherapy practice and experiencing what worked in my own transformation.

Be prepared to put in time, effort and devote yourself to YOU! You deserve it!

We'll holistically explore mindful mindset, self-love, trauma empowerment and manifesting.

I'll teach you how to utilize the subconscious mind to attract and maintain your greatest desires.

Immediately start to pay attention to and accept your feelings, change thoughts and behaviors.

Change mindset around chronic health conditions to heal yourself.

Learn how to accept and embrace moments of pain, struggle and negativity.

Use science-based Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to help you shift unhealthy negative blocks faster.

Your buttons will be pushed with nurturing guidance from me.  This is part of growth. 

I promise there will be lots of laughter, but also some tears.

I'll guide you during the week with email support to help keep you focused.

We'll co-create moments of magic.

After every session, you'll have actionable steps to work on.

After working together...

You'll find more peace, focus, energy, and joy.

Uncover body wisdom and feel overall increase in physical health.

Become a stellar communicator.

Ditch the hustle and embrace your flow.

Authentically connect with your loved ones and closest friends.

You'll gain skills that will be used for a lifetime.

Move from victim mode to thriving.

Embrace sexy goddess mode with pure confidence.

You'll be able to mindfully handle life's struggles and find your flow state.

Discover lasting and permanent results.

Move from survivor to thriver in 6 months or less.

You DESERVE a true transformation!

Hello BeYoutiful Soul! 

Mama...If you feel like you're in SURVIVAL mode after trauma...

Let's go on a journey of soulful self-discovery and deep transformation to thriving in 6 months or less.

You DESERVE a true transformation!


 Click the link below for your FREE gift to get started on your transformation right away!!

You'll get the Discover Your Illuminate Blueprint Workbook:

Stimulate Mindset Shifts, Refocus Self-Love, Empower Trauma Healing and Boost Manifesting Power even if feel burned out and depleted!



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