Expert Guidance on Your Healing Journey

Hello BeYoutiful Soul!

I'm Cassandra Quick, your professional guide and soul sister through your healing journey.  I believe it is no coincidence you have been guided here to discover a way to stop the hurt and pain, to heal and to truly thrive.

First and foremost I’m the lucky Single Mama to a teenage Unicorn. She’s truly a beautiful soul and inspiration for my business and my WHY.

Guess who is also my WHY?  YOU!  

I am blessed and grateful beyond belief to do my soul's work every day.  Watching women transform their lives before my eyes is a moving experience.   

So let's talk about why I'm a good fit professionally...

Basically, I'm the real deal.  My Psychology today profile is below for professional references.  I'm an integration of professional and personal experience,  heart centered passion and a woman who's done the difficult WORK of healing her own traumas , making me the perfect candidate to help others heal.  

Let's get the credentials out of the way...

I'm a Holistic Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner, Creator of the Illuminate Blueprint and Founder of the Illuminate Foundation, a nonprofit serving single Mom’s who’ve experienced Trauma.  Serving women who've experienced trauma has been my life's work.  

Not every Coach or Psychotherapist has been properly trained on trauma sensitive approaches and practices.  Lucky you...I have!  I have had over 50 hours of continued education on trauma and am Certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

As a Trauma Transformation Coach, I guide and empower spiritually-minded Moms who’ve experienced Trauma by providing a transformational journey through my Illuminate Blueprint to help you overcome Mindset and subconscious blocks, blast away Self-Love sabotage, confidentially manage Trauma, stress triggers and clear stagnant Manifesting blocks and nurture holistic health.

Why I get trauma beyond my professional experience...

I have endured childhood and adult traumas, have healed those traumas through functional medicine, EFT, acupuncture, massage, reiki, meditation and mindfulness, EMDR and brainspotting.  I have felt what it's like to suffer PTSD symptoms, to ignore it for so long and then finally face reality, to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and to get the help I so desperately needed.  I'm no longer suffering from PTSD symptoms because of the steps in the Illuminate Blueprint.  I finally broke free of PTSD and trauma after healing and have been a manifesting machine since January 2019, 

Who I Am & What I Believe:

  • I practice the principles of the Law of Attraction daily.

  • Life is about constant transformations and learning.  Finding the most aligned guide and mentors is GOLDEN to your progress.

  • Self-love comes first, ALWAYS.

  • The gym is my meditative place where I jam out to tunes and count reps.

  • My fav yoga lady is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube...go check her out!

  • I meditate almost one is perfect and yes, I miss a day here and there.

  • I love playing chef -cooking is my therapy.  Thai food is my fav.

  • I geek out on soaking up advice and wisdom from podcasts and books (Brene Brown is my secret BFF).

  • I seriously live out my dream life daily in my work as a Coach, Psychotherapist and Nonprofit Founder/Director.

  • I'm known for my smile and my hair.  I LOVE to smile and my hair has a mind of it's own.  Ladies with curly feel me.

  • I love to laugh and we will laugh a LOT together if you work with me.  Humor is healing.

With all of this said...I'm human and I mess up, I make mistakes, I am not perfect.  But...if this makes me perfect to support you...let's do this!

If my story aligns with you and you want to go on a journey from simply surviving to thriving, it would be my honor to help you heal and live a life of your dreams.

Sending Illumination Vibes,


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