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  • The EASY PEASY strategies that take only ONE MINUTE, but will blast you into Self-Love so easily because you have programmed your mind that it's that easy now.

  • The ONE THING that's keeping you stuck in trauma survivor mindset while so many women have healed and are thriving after trauma.

  • The mysterious LAW of attraction that is within your grasps if you could just learn about it.

  • PLUS....MORE transformational bonuses I am SO EXCITED to give once you're in!

Meet Your Instructor:

I'm Cassandra Quick, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner and Trauma Expert.  I empower Moms who’ve experienced trauma to design the life of their dreams using my Illuminate Blueprint to master mindful mindset, revamp self-love, feel empowered after trauma and to become a magnetic manifestor.

You DESERVE a true transformation!


I’ve known the feeling of being in survival mode more times than I can count in my almost 40 years of life. My own personal experiences with healing trauma personally and professionally over the last 16 years has allowed me to connect in a more meaningful way with my clients. I have struggled, learned from these experiences, shifted my mindset and transformed. It would be my honor to help you heal from trauma and thrive.

Illuminate Blueprint Testimonials:

"The retreat was such a positive experience and very detailed.  It's hard to pick one thing! 

I like that the videos have the tools and techniques, while doing the homework allowed you to create your own plan using those tools and techniques.  The guests were so amazing and had great information to share as well.  I’ve learned so much in that short time I can already see differences in myself especially when it comes to holding myself accountable."

Patrice G.

"Cassandra is such an amazing, strong and inspirational woman. She really knows what she is talking about. She is relatable and empowering! She is also a genuine and an authentic women who invited me to join her 9 day online retreat and has supported me along the way.  I enjoyed the structure and learning the neuroscience behind it all."

Olivia K.