Are you Ready to Prioritize YOU?

30-Day Journey from Hot Mess Mama to Self-Love Goddess: 

Let Go of "Busy" and "No Time" to Prioritize YOU!


Pre-Course Worksheet, E-book Guide, Daily Tracker, Affirmations, 2 Exclusive Meditations, Journal Page, Book List and Post-Challenge Worksheet

(4 Weekly Training Videos Included)

Watch Video on Course HERE:

Course Includes:

Weekly Videos

Four 1-Hour Training Video link accessible in Teachable WEEKLY.

Meditation #1

Exclusive 10-Minute Self-Love Meditation (only accessible to my 1:1 Coaching Clients)

Meditation #2

10-Minute Self-Compassion Meditation 

Daily Tracker

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Post-Challenge Checklist

Self-Love Post-Challenge Checklist to Maintain Momentum

Course E-Book

53-Page Self-Love Journey Guide jam packed with juicy strategies

Pre-Challenge Worksheet

Self-Love Worksheet to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Book List

Customized List of Self-Care Books for your reading or listening pleasure


8 Original  and Printable Affirmation Cards developed by Cassandra specifically for this Course.  Includes 2 blank personalizeable Cards.

Journal Page

Daily Printable Journal Pages to help keep you on track.

Your Course Coach:

I’m dropping a TRUTH BOMB for Moms!
Let’s get real. ADMIT IT…you’ve been a Hot Mess.

No…you are not a failure.
Yes, you are STILL a BeYoutiful Soul!

I’m here to tell you... most of the Moms on the planet have felt like a Hot Mess, whether they admit it or not.

Even Mom’s who seem to have their stuff together feel like a Hot Mess at SOME point.

But…our lives don’t need to be this way ladies.

Hey Hot Mamas! I'm Cassandra Quick, Owner & Life Coach at BeYoutiful Transformations Life Coaching.  As a Psychotherapist for over 15 years and Certified Life Coach, I have taught 100’s of women how to transform their lives through Self-Love.
The strategies in this Self-Love Course have been responsible for helping these women, just like YOU, get back on track mentally, physically and spiritually and encourages focus on YOU in a healthy way without sucking more time away from our to-do’s.


This Course is PERFECT if You're:

  • Admitting feeling like a Hot Mess feels like you’re failing?

  • Overwhelmed and stressed to the max with all the to-do’s?

  • Feeling that Mom guilt taking ONE minute to yourself?

  • Feeling comparisonitis…other Mamas seem to have it all?

  • Feeling isolated and alone, like no one gets it?

  • Frustrated and overworked with all the demands of adulting?

  • Getting sucked into the perfect lives of other Mamas on social media?

  • The smallest stressor seems to send you into a hot mess vortex.


What you will learn:

  • Journey deeper into research-based strategies that will allow for quick results.

  • BOOST Self-Love in a more meaningful and sustainable way beyond this course.

  • 30 Plus Mind, Body & Soul Based Activities that will train your brain and focus on positivity, clarity and focus, energize your biological systems and help you explore the core values within you and raise your vibration.

  • How to use meditation to bathe yourself in Self-Love.

  • The importance of Positive Psychology, such as affirmations and gratitude.

  • Resources to keep learning beyond the course.

  • How to journal for Self-Love.

  • Strategies that take less than a minute to keep on track with Self-Love daily.

You DESERVE some YOU time! Your Inner Goddess is in there Ladies!