Do I Need a Life Coach and a Therapist?

April 11, 2018

Both Life Coaching and Psychotherapy can be life changing experiences and are valuable in helping you to grow and transform.  I have been a psychotherapist since 2004 and Licensed Professional Counselor since 2007.   I recently decided to branch out into the field of Life Coaching by opening my business, BeYoutiful Transformations.  The principles behind the Life Coaching profession are the root of why I decided to pursue this profession.  Since getting into the field of Coaching, I have been asked this question multiple times by colleagues, life coaches themselves, prospective clients, friends, and acquaintances, "How is Life Coaching different from Therapy?"  


Life Coaching employs so much of what I am passionate about in the field of therapy and focuses on helping motivated  individuals to meet personal goals and achieve success.  Coaching is a way to help you address and change patterns of behavior that are not working for you, process through personal goals in relationships, work and personal life to help transform yourself.  Whereas therapy is focused on treating and healing from mental health diagnoses (anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADHD, PTSD, etc) and treatment plans focus on reducing and eliminating mental health symptoms.  Life Coaching does not address diagnoses, as Life Coaches are not certified to provide mental health treatment.  Now, it is common for Life Coaching clients to also have a Psychotherapist to treat mental health issues.  This can help you be in a better mental space to work on Life Coaching skills, but this is not required.  If in my work with you, I discover a need for therapy services, I will make the appropriate referrals.  I've got you!


So, if you struggle with mental health issues and also are motivated to start meeting personal goals to transform your life, both Life Coaching and Psychotherapy are your best approach.  If you are one that is stable in mental health and needs to focus more on goals primarily, Life Coaching is better suited to you.  


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