3 Ways To Avoid Saying, "I've Been So Busy."

April 25, 2018

I usually cringe when I hear this phrase, "I've been so busy!"  We all have heard family, friends and co-workers say this.  Of course, many of us are busy.  You're not the only one that thinks this and feels this way. 

My challenge to you to to avoid saying these words by trying the following 3 Tips: 


1. Instead of saying this phrase...Have meaningful conversations when it's appropriate and talk about your life, daily routine, and schedule.  Give actual details and don't avoid deeper conversation by saying, "I've been so busy."


2.  "I've been so busy," sounds like you are complaining.  Stop complaining.  I say this out of love.  I am doing you a big favor here.  People don't want to listen to complainers.  Now, do be genuine and talk about your challenges and victories.


3.  If you truly think your life that is busy, you need to examine what you can do to find some down time in your life.  "Work hard, play hard", is one of my favorite life motto's.  You want to eventually feel like you have some self care and fun time built in.


Try these 3 tips and see your mindset on "busy" change!  For a free mini session, click on this link https://www.beyoutifultransformations.org/book-online



Visit my website, www.beyoutifultransformations.org for more information on my services! 


Happy Transformations!





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