3 Ways to Go From Momeanie to Momtastic

May 9, 2018

I will be trademarking the term "Momeanie", just for the record.  (Smiling).


Definition of "Momeanie":  An overworked, over-stressed Mommy who may yell, scream, clench her fists or exhibit steam rolling out from her ears while her kiddos are having a tantrum or arguing.


Example of "Momeanie": Raising your voice at your kiddos for not listening for the umpteenth time whilst you make them dinner (hot dogs and mac n cheese) in your pajamas with wine stains from the night before at 7pm.  


If this sounds like you, keep reading...


I can help you shift your thinking and behavior to identify as "Momtastic" (yes, another trademark is in the works here).  


Now...the definition of "Momtastic": Getting yourself under control emotionally for yourself and your kiddos in moments of stress or frustration.  Being able to take break and show your kids how to reign in big feelings.  Doing the right thing for yourself and your kids in moments of madness.  Calmly talking to your kids when they need to express themselves.    


Example of "Momtastic": Rocking out a long productive day at work, getting home and putting that pizza in the oven for dinner (due to a slight level of exhaustion) instead of making that nutritious home cooked meal.  Seeing that your kiddo is whiny and clingy and taking time to take some deep breaths and giving your kiddo a big bear hug.  Asking questions about why your kiddo is feeling this way..suggesting some one-on-one time at the end of the day (even if it's 5 minutes).


Here are 3 steps to take to start today:


1.  Alone time. Take a break or a "time out" when you feel yourself escalating (notice body symptoms that lead to you yelling, heart beating faster, etc).  When your kiddos see you do this, this may snap them out of it, but it may not.  Set the limit with them that you need a few minutes to calm down.  Then go back to the madness in a calmer state.


2.  Learn to use calming strategies in the moment.  Start to recognize escalations in your physical symptoms and use calming skills.  Take those deep breaths.  Let your kids see you do this.  Say to yourself, "Calm down."


3.  Notice why your kiddos are acting like cute little monsters or total teen divas.  I can relate to the later.  Are THEY overwhelmed, tired, hungry, needing your time in some way?  There can be a way to find peace in the madness if you figure out why the behavior is happening.


Now...put these tips into practice and look forward to the Momtastic moments!


Click here to schedule a free mini session to explore how I can help you not feel like a "Momeanie": https://www.beyoutifultransformations.org/book-online


Love from Your Momtastic (occassionally Momeanie) Life Coach,


Cassandra Quick

Owner & Life Coach 

BeYoutiful Transformations, LLC









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