How to Use Your Feelings to Manifest

January 6, 2020



Some people say that feelings are useless and of no value.  Certain types of people are able to move through life easily and don’t sweat the small stuff while others are amazingly resilient.  When life throws them a curve, they know how to swing back at it.  So, what's the value of using feelings when it comes to manifesting a life you love?


Using Emotions as Motivation


Did you ever see someone, maybe a co-worker or friend...that has it made and everything comes easy to them?  Just about everyone knows someone that they think leads a charmed life.  Did you ever stop to think that this is something you might want to look into for yourself?


Do you have an underlying story that everyone else has it better, that you are not that lucky? If you have the emotion of jealousy, why not use it to fuel motivation instead of looking at what everyone else has.

Are you angry about someone at work getting a raise and you got overlooked or is it something as simple as recognition that you missed out on? Take that anger and turn it into positive action.  Choose your words carefully and tell someone how you feel.  Done the right way, you may just earn someone’s respect and have created a healthy boundary.


When you create a healthy boundary, you keep negativity at bay and only allow the more positive vibrations to enter into your life.  Holding things in only keeps manifesting away. It’s like a brick wall.  Positivity and abundance can’t find their way in.  Clear your energy by speaking your truth.  Use statements about how you feel and keep the other person’s actions out of it.  People only get defensive if anything is said.


Turn Your Feelings Around


With a lot of patience and loads of practice, you can turn your emotions around.  If you feel sad about someone disappointing you, you can stay in that vibration too long.  Instead consider addressing it with the person and simply state that you feel disappointed.


Take some time to meditate on this person’s good qualities and a time when he/she was really there for you and helped you out of a bad spot.  Once you pull up those good feelings and emotions, you will see just how quickly you can negate the negative ones.  It’s up to you to choose how long you want to focus on the good or on the bad feelings.


When it comes to manifesting, what you focus on expands.  If you focus on confusion, then you focus on expanding that confusion.  If you try to find some peace in a confusing situation – anything that makes sense will lower the vibration of negative feelings and expand the vibration of positivity. 


You also get to choose how long you want to focus on a negative feeling.  Feelings serve a purpose and are there to guide you and of course you need to feel those feelings, but don’t stay there too long.

If you pick and choose your feelings and turn them around along with choosing how long you want to stay mad or angry, you’ll find your way to master manifesting in no time.



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