You are a Mama (or woman) who has endured and survived Trauma.

You want to break free from that "Survivor" label and Thrive.

You have been told that "it takes time."

But, you just don't know where to start!

You see the light at the end of the tunnel!

You know there is hope to heal your Trauma with the right guidance and support.

Yay...enter your a happy dance...this is where I make my entrance!

Hi there BeYoutiful Souls...

I'm Cassandra Quick, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner and Trauma Expert.  I empower Moms who’ve experienced trauma to design the life of their dreams using my Illuminate Blueprint to master mindful mindset, revamp self-love, feel empowered after trauma and to become a magnetic manifestor.

You DESERVE a true transformation!


I’ve known the feeling of being in survival mode more times than I can count in my almost 40 years of life. My own personal experiences with healing trauma personally and professionally over the last 16 years has allowed me to connect in a more meaningful way with my clients. I have struggled, learned from these experiences, shifted my mindset and transformed. It would be my honor to help you heal from trauma and thrive.

So...let me guess...


You've been told to prioritize yourself, especially NOW!

In's probably ME who suggested that!

But, HOW do you start with overload of content and information out there?!

You want to be calm and centered more than stressed out, triggered and anxious.

You want peace...but you also want FUN in your life again...or maybe for the first time ever.

You've heard experts say that healing trauma is possible. (Yes..I've said it.)

But which book do you read? Which strategies work the best?

You're a Mama trying to survive every day and get through life without losing your shit.

Even if you ARE an expert in mental health...

sometimes you need someone else to have your back

(I have my own amazing Unicorn therapist for that).

Because even mental health experts have baggage and subconscious blocks (MEEEE)

that need an extra pair of eyes to see it and heal it.


You're too busy to sort all of the information out and don't have the energy to even think about it!

You KNOW a healing journey

can help you be a better version of YOU...

a better Mom, friend, co-worker, lover or business owner.


You try meditation...but you don't get the results you want or not nearly often enough for your liking.

You try "thinking positive"...but it doesn't seem to stick and you pop right back into negativity.

You try "Self-Love" with bubble baths and a glass of wine...or two or three (who's counting) and lose the consistency almost immediately because "life" and "busy" takes over again.

You try spending time on your own, but that NEVER seems to happen.

You even resort to locking yourself in your bedroom for 5 minutes to breathe, or to cry or to just pee in peace and are starting to feel like a failure.

And we've not even talked about manifesting...

you seem to be blocked and attracting more negativity day after day.

You end up giving up on your healing journey and can't seem to hold yourself accountable.


You think you're a failure as a Mom, as a friend, partner and as a HUMAN.

You end up yelling at your kids more than you are happy around them.

You suck at having a kind conversation with you partner or co-parent because you are stressed beyond belief.

Your kids tell you to "calm down".

Feeling that Mom guilt taking ONE minute to yourself?

Comparisonitis sets in…

Other Mamas seem to have it all and able to do SO much more than you?

Frustrated and overworked with all the demands of adulting?

The smallest stressor seems to send you into a hot mess vortex. you go...trying to start the healing journey again...

You watch more Youtube videos.

You even start meditating again and add in yoga... 

because that's what "they" say will work, right?

Yes...but there's more to it than just learning the skills and starting to use them.  You still get stuck on the accountability and consistency.

So then...You decide..."I've HAD ENOUGH!

You throw in the healing journey "towel"!

This probably included a meltdown of EPIC

proportions with lots of soaked tissues, tears and a call to your BFF about everything you're doing wrong .

After that EPIC meltdown of yours...

You might think...

there's got to be an easier way.

You wonder...

I'll never have time to continue healing the right way for me.

You ask yourself...

do any of these strategies out there actually work?

You might doubt...

if you'll ever be able to truly thrive.

While Others…

Seem to have decently peaceful lives and have healed their trauma.

Are able to set great boundaries with people.

Easily find time to themselves daily and regularly.

Are able to have fulfilling romantic and family relationships.

Have manifested with abundance like CRAZY!

Buttttt...NOT YOU?!




I HAVE DEVELOPED A Group Coaching Program that will help you RELEASE and HEAL..

The negativity that has taken over your mindset.

The lack of prioritizing YOU.


Staying "busy" to stop the bad memories and trauma triggers from taking over your mind space.

The need to search over and over for the BEST healing content

in the VASTNESS that is the internet.

Spending countless hours on course after course and challenge after challenge...

hoping to find some relief.

The problem of knowing which strategies ACTUALLY have worked for other women.

The struggle with trusting where the information comes from.

Truly... this Group Coaching Program lead by a Trauma Expert and Trauma Thriver

will take you from

Surviving Thriving in 3 months without more burn out or overwhelm.


Deep Dive into Science-based Strategies to

Heal Trauma & Go from Surviving to Thriving

...even if you're feeling stuck and burned out.

Who am I and Why You Could Benefit From Coaching with Me:

You've already seen a bit about me in the bio above.

Short answer is...I've been through trauma and a healing journey myself

AND have been on the healing journey with hundreds of women in my work as a Psychotherapist and Coach.

I used to be in victim and survivor mode.

I was struggling, experiencing triggers, flashbacks, bad dreams, poor sleep, bad health, and allowed relationships that were not healthy.

I used to prioritize others over myself...even stayed in abusive relationships.



I DID the work myself since 2012 and USED every technique I teach others on my own healing journey.

After 16 years as a Psychotherapist, helping hundreds of clients heal and going through my own therapy and healing journey...

now, I am THRIVING after trauma and here to teach you how to do the same!

I know what you are thinking!

This course won’t work for me because I don't have TIME!

If it was that crazy easy, everyone would be thriving after trauma too!

How is Cassandra different from other GURUS who teach trauma healing?

Let me show you WHY this is unlike anything you'll invest in to REALLY  HEAL after Trauma EVER!


I've created the world’s MOST effective science-based trauma healing Group Coaching program using my Illuminate Blueprint.


You will learn strategies on:

Mindful Mindset, Self-Love, Trauma Empowerment and Manifesting Magnetism


internet surfing, researching endless hours and reading book after book to find the solution yourself.


I've done all the hard work for you! For the last 16 years!


Group Coaching Program, you’ll:

  • Discover how to use mindfulness to establish a growth mindset to support your healing journey WITHOUT feeling too overwhelmed.

  • Build sustainable Self-Love into your daily routine for life WITHOUT spending hours upon hours searching and trying (and failing at) strategies/tips/tools.

  • Teach your kiddos the importance of healing by SHOWING them (modeling is one of the most important teaching a MODEL for your kids ) WITHOUT feeling like you're neglecting them!

  • Learn the SURPRISING ways you can work with the chemistry of your body to stop the negative effects of trauma WITHOUT trying too hard.

  • Overcome the myth that happiness and healing is only for the few WITHOUT feeling you're faking it.

  • Eliminate negative emotional programming from your trauma WITHOUT forgetting valuable lessons learned from these experience

  • Accept what happened WITHOUT feeling the pain.

  • Determine what you need to heal WITHOUT constant trying over and over.

  • Identify challenges on your healing journey and properly face them head on WITHOUT feeling alone.

  • Prepare yourself for a bright future and THRIVE WITHOUT holding yourself to super high and unattainable standards!


  • And so much more!

What's Included in the 3-Month Group Coaching:


  • 3 months of group Zoom calls weekly to lead you on the journey to overcoming your emotional trauma ($2700 value)

  • 3 months of biweekly 1:1 Laser Coaching with Cassandra ($675 value)

  • Unlimited access to Cassandra on Voxer M-F 9-5 CST ($1500 value)

  • 365 Day Manifesting Journal ($25 value)

  • Group Coaching workbook ($25 value)

  • Private FB Group where you have access to Cassandra and all group members wisdom ($600 value)

  • Mastermind Accountability Group to keep you focused on growth and attaining goals ($300 Value)

  • Guided Meditations by Cassandra on topics to include: Self-Love, Mindfulness, Trauma, & Manifesting ($75 value)

  • Printable Affirmations ($25 value)

  • Motivational Wallpaper for Phone Screen ($25 value)

  • Bonus Masterclasses: by Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner and Quantum Healer ($525 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $6475 FOR $1297 or 3 payments of $477 


Weekly Schedule: (Starts May 29th)

Week 1: Introductions & Intention Setting Workshop

Week 2: Dream Board Vixen Workshop

Week 3: Mindful Mindset Mastery

Week 4: The Art of Action & Blasting Away Procrastination

Week 5: Self Love Siren- Building a Foundation

Week 6: Self-Love Siren-Connecting to Your Authentic Self

Week 7: Law of Attraction Illumination

Week 8: Manifesting Maven Magnestism

Week 9: Trauma Masterclass & Toolkit

Week 10: Become a Trauma Thriver

Week 11:  Creating Your Legacy

Week 12: Wrapup/Takeaways/Final Q & A


Sarah Perez 

Reiki Master

Jess Blanche

EFT Practitioner

Samantha Haddad

Quantum Healer

SO WHY am I GIVING all of this away for this CRAZY low price?

I am creating a movement of healing for YOU and so many other Mamas and women!

I want to make a MASSIVE impact for Moms who’ve experienced trauma.

I believe in showing LOVE. What BETTER way to show love?

You DESERVE some YOU time!

Your Trauma Healing Journey Begins NOW! 


Let's DO THIS!

  • Let NOTHING stop you from releasing trauma.


  • PURSUE the life you’ve been longing for without regret.


  • Overcome ALL the negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have held you back.


  • FINALLY learn to work through the emotional challenges of your trauma when they arise.


  • Learn what YOU want from your life and practice Self-Love consistently.


  • Design the Life of Your Dreams 2020 & Beyond!

Isn’t it time to DESIGN life you deserve?


To enjoy the freedom you know you deserve?


The choice is YOURS.

Finally, You're Going To:




Are there requirements or prerequisites for this program?


There are no prerequisites for this course. It’s open to anyone who desires to know more about how to heal trauma.


Your success in this program depends on your ability to put the information into action. The information is simple, but understanding the information is insufficient. You have to be willing to do the exercises and implement the strategies in your life.


Is there a particular audience that this course is geared toward?


This course is geared toward Moms, but covers women's empowerment in general.

What is the time commitment?

Minimum of 1 hour per week for group zooms & Laser coaching sessions twice monthly along with homework time in between (minimum of 10 minutes daily and other assignments will take up to an hour a week).


30-Day Action Takers Guarantee


In fact, I’m willing to GUARANTEE it. If you take action on the materials and don’t find yourself healing and seeing results, I’ll refund your money.



This 30-day action-takers guarantee ENSURES that all the risk is on me.


It’s ALL reward, NO risk.


Your new life of thriving after trauma is waiting for you!


You can finally Design the Life of Your Dreams.


You can have the happiness YOU deserve.

If you have any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help.

You can get in touch with me at: